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by Rupert Holmes
Random House Audio, June 2003
Abridged Audio pages
ISBN: 0739304577

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O'Connor is a writer who mainly works on Hollywood figures and exposes scandal. She is sassy and self assured of herself as a woman and her place in the 1970s. She has decided to write the story of the girl found in the bathtub. Lanny Morris and Vince Collins were a big comedy duo in the 1960s. At the height of their fame, things fall apart. While at the opening of a mob owned hotel, a dead girl is found in their bathtub. This girl worked in room service at the hotel they were at previously and she had had a relationship with Morris. Both Morris and Collins were cleared of the charges; yet, O'Connor is sure there she still has a story. As she is wined and dined by both Morris and Collins, O'Connor must solve the crime while still following her libido.

WHERE THE TRUTH LIES is read by Ana Gasteyer of Saturday Night Live fame, and Michael McKean, who is a writer and producer of TV and movies. Gasteyer does a fantastic job. Although the main character O'Connor is less than appealing at times, Gasteyer makes her seem approachable and human. Since the majority of the book is told through O'Connor's thoughts, Gasteyer is vital to the delivery. McKean reads the portion of the book that is taken from the manuscript Lanny Morris is writing regarding the dead girl. Although his part is less vital, he too creates a memorable character.

O'Connor is a less than desirable heroine. She makes a lot of decisions that put her in unnecessary danger. In addition, she is positive that she is in control of the story and the situation; yet, those around her continue to play her for their own needs. Plus her libido needs a vacation once this book is finished. Whether this is simply an example of cultural differences, after all being an adult in the 1970s is different than being an adult in the post-HIV world, or not, she had the ability to grate.

The biggest concern regarding WHERE THE TRUTH LIES is the why. Rupert Holmes is a great storyteller and his work does create vivid imagines; yet, by excluding any explanation for the murder, Holmes completely ruins this book for me. Eventually O'Connor does figure out how the girl was murdered and who murdered her but the why is never mentioned. Everyone reads books for different reasons but in most crime novels the why is a pretty important part of the plot. This is an abridgment so it is possible that the why was discussed in the actual text but it is still frustrating that it was important to include in this version.

WHERE THE TRUTH LIES is Holmes' first novel. He is a successful playwright and songwriter.

Reviewed by Sarah Dudley, September 2003

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