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by Dorothy Garlock
Warner Books, June 2003
385 pages
ISBN: 044653062x

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Route 66 was called The Mother Road. People traveled from Chicago to California on this route. They hoped for miracles and promises in their travels. The year was 1932 in Oklahoma. The first view is Andy's gas station where the gas price is fourteen cents a gallon.

Andy Connors was bit by a rabid skunk. Luckily, Mr. Yates comes to his rescue. These two men knew each other many years ago. Now, Yates is able to pay a long time debt by helping out Andy. When Andy needs to go away for rabies shots, Yates helps out Leona and Andy's children.

This was the time in history when there was no shortage of dust, heat and poverty in Oklahoma. It was a time when many people needed jobs and food and respect. In many ways, we are reminded that it was a much simpler time. It was also a different time morally. Yates passed himself off as Andy's cousin so he would not compromise the lady of the house in the eyes of the community.

Leona's prejudiced brother, Virgil, has decided that he is the supreme head of the family and will straighten out his sister. He falsely accuses her of committing sin. He did not think that Leona's life fit with his definition of righteousness. Yates was surprised by the feelings he had for Andy's family. It was a good feeling to be responsible and protective of these people. After drifting for seven years, it felt good to be accountable for someone beside himself.

When illness comes to the community in the form of diphtheria, new developments occur. Life and death, love and hatred, and deciding what is worth fighting for are all explored themes.

This is an engaging story where the characters and plot take hold of you and won't let go until you complete the reading. An enjoyable, delightful story.

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, July 2003

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