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by Jennifer Apodaca
Kensington Books, May 2003
295 pages
ISBN: 0758200749

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In the small town of Lake Elsinore, California, Samantha Shaw is trying to stimulate business for her dating service called Heart Mates. In addition to her dating service, she reviews romance writers in her efforts to support herself and her two sons.

She has commissioned an ex-client, Faye Miller, a graphic artist, to design a brochure for her. When she goes to Faye's motel room to pick up the brochure, she finds Faye dead...murdered.

This sets off a chain of events which include a sexist police detective; Faye's meek estranged husband who uses oven cleaner as a defense weapon; one of Faye's ex-dates; a gay client with a jealous partner; and Sam's present love interest, ex-cop, Gale Palizzi, who is a private investigator.

When a newspaper connecting Heart Mates with the murder threatens the reputation of the service, Sam undertakes her own investigation into the murder. Sam's investigation delves into Faye's background, uncovering a affair with a married man making his wife a suspect. In the course of this investigation attempts are made to kill Sam.

This is a light hearted mystery with a feisty Sam, who juggles her dating service, her family, her new boy friend, and her interfering mother while investigating a murder with a detective on the case very hostile. The action is fast paced with the dialogue clever and snappy. The writing style is smooth and breezy. A few love scenes between Sam and her boy friend add zest to the story. This is an ideal book for a reader who wants a quick and pleasant read.

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, July 2003

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