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by Peter Abrahams
Ballantine Books, July 2003
304 pages
ISBN: 0345439392

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Welcome to the small border town of Agua Fria. Half of it isin Arizona and the other half is in Mexico.

Russian born Buck Samsonov owns a strip club calledBuckeroo¹s in the Arizona section and he lives in Mexican side of the town.Buck loves the town so much that he is fulfilling his American dream of successby buying up homes and tearing them down, thereby permitting him to build anamusement and a water park.

Mackie Larkin lives in Tucson with her 17 year old daughter,Lianne. Makie¹s ex husband, Kevin, has left her for another woman. He has alsoleft her with payments due on their home on Buena Vida Circle and with a bill from the IRS for over $101,000. Mackie needs money so she finds herself at Buckeroo¹s applying for a job as an exotic dancer.

Kevin, who is always looking for new ways to make money, is now living on Ocotillo Ranch. He plans to help build it up into a growing business. Also living in Ocotillo is Jimmy Marz  a thirty some odd year old rangler who has big plans for himself.When Kevin decides to bring his daughter Lianna to the ranch, the seventeenyear old girl meets and promptly falls in love with Jimmy.

Meanwhile, in New York City, author Nick Loeb is having some problems writing his latest book in his ³White² series. He sees an unflattering review on Amazon.com about his last published book and in anger emails the reviewer, Mary Jane Krupsha. Mary Jane emails Nick back and ends up at his home where she tells him how his books are lacking in police procedures. She suggests that he visits her ex husband, Clay, who had formerly spent nineteenyears with the New York Police Department. Clay is now captain of detectives at the small border town of Agua Fria and will give Nick some pointers on policework

Through a bizarre turn of events and coincidences, Mackie,Buck, Kevin, Lianne, Jimmy, Clay, Nick and others, end up in Agua Fria wheretheir lives change drastically.

THEIR WILDEST DREAMS is an excellent book. Author Peter Abrahams, gives the readers a superb story filled with some of the mostinteresting and well rounded characters I¹ve seen in a novel in a long time.The plot weaves itself skillfully around all the people and keeps you readingto see what¹s going to happen next.

Even though some of the folks in the book are truly evil,like Buck Samsonov, I never really disliked any of them. Abrahams makes each ofhis characters real and sympathetic in some way. He fills in all the blanks ofthe people who inhabit his story and lets us in on a lot of their background sothe readers understand why they act the way they do.

The novel is fast paced and filled with action. Once you start reading it and get  to know the characters you won¹t be able to put it down.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, February 2003

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