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by Joyce and Jim Lavene
Avalon, August 2003
303 pages
ISBN: 0803496095

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The election for sheriff is approaching. Little time is available for concentrating on this issue for Sheriff Sharyn Howard. A burning car with a dead body requires the sheriff's complete attention. Fire on the mountain brings immense fear and concern to the town of Diamond Springs, North Carolina. Not only did this fire move the wild animals closer to the population, it threatens the town's existence. When the fire is redirected, there is a feeling of safety.

Two men vie for Sharyn's attention. David is a deputy and normally his romantic interest is short lived with the opposite sex. Unfortunately, David continues to think he wants a relationship with Sharyn. The second man interested is Nick Thomopolis, county medical examiner. You can feel the conflict and the chemistry. This relationship is reluctantly put on hold until the election is over.

Adversary Roy Tarnover is the former sheriff. He never hesitates to diminish Sharyn's effectiveness and good works. He has more ammunition when there is a second victim. Then a suspect is arrested for the two deaths. Sharyn has a nagging feeling that something is not right. Events turn upside down and Sharyn's life and death decisions are crucial.

What a good revisit for me to see these characters and return to the community. A present theme is that Sheriff Sharyn Howard makes tough decisions, not always popular ones but ones that are morally right. This story is the 7th in the series. Thumbs Up!

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, April 2003

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