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by Laura Wilson
Orion, April 2003
320 pages
9.99 gbp
ISBN: 0752846205

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When Alice Jones anonymously receives a newspaper cutting relating the dreadful discovery of a decomposed body in a bunny girl costume at the bottom of a lake on the Ivar Park estate in Wiltshire, she suspects that the body is that of a missing bunny girl who was last seem at a party with Aliceıs husband Lenny, seven years earlier.

Since Lennyıs suicide Alice has tried to put the past behind her, living quietly on a farm, caring for her animals and shunning her former life. But the discovery of the body brings to her retreat, Jack Flowers, Lennyıs former comedy partner, and with Jack comes the memories of events that she has tried so hard to forget.

Forced by Jacks intrusive presence to face her past life with Lenny, Alice begins to piece together her life from when she was a bunny girl and first met Lenny in 1967, and the many isolated incidents that she had hitherto blocked out. As her memories surface so to do the questions. Why did Lenny hang himself? Did he sell his car, or is it the one at the bottom of the lake? Who sent her the newspaper cutting? Why is Jack here? Jackıs behaviour is erratic, his moods unpredictable, and gradually she becomes afraid, and aware that she is a prisoner, and maybe in great danger.

As with Laura's first book A Little Death, we have a small cast of characters, and the story is told by gracefully taking the reader backwards and forwards between present and past. The building of the suspense is very skilful, and as the story unfolds, so the chilling menace creeps up on you and increases with every new revelation. This is a brilliant piece of writing and highly recommended. ---------

Other books by Laura Wilson are A Little Death, Dying Voices, My Best Friend. For further information about Laura Wilson visit the Unusual Suspects web site at http://www.unusualsuspects.com

Reviewed by Lizzie Hayes, June 2003

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