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by Alafair Burke
Henry Holt, July 2003
251 pages
ISBN: 0805073868

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Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid finds a couple of local cops waiting for her when she gets into her office one morning. A 13-year old drug addicted prostitute had been found raped, beaten, and left to die. The head of the Major Crime Team doesn't want to waste resources looking for the perpetrator but is willing to send it back down to the local precinct. The initial investigation had gotten screwed up, but Sgt. Tommy Garcia, of Drug and Vice Division is trying to keep the case within the MCT unit because of the severity of the crime. Detectives Jack Walker and Raymond Johnson work with Samantha to try and figure out what the girl is hiding and if they can find the men who assaulted this young teen, who turns out to be a surprisingly good witness, picking her assailant's picture out immediately, and then, later finding the car into which she had been forced.

Kincaid attended Harvard Law School, married, spent time in New York with her attorney husband, then, when he was invited to become corporate counsel for Nike, returning to her home town. They have since divorced, and Samantha is feeling her way as a prosecutor in Portland. She seems to be succeeding, and is chuffed at getting to work on her first case for the MCT.

Burke, daughter of James Lee Burke, former DDA in Portland, shows the family facility for storytelling. There are many layers to this courtroom tale including the investigation and the return of her old high school sweetheart, now a Portland detective, into her life. She portrays Samantha as a strong woman who is taking on the establishment to make sure that every citizen gets the justice she deserves.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, May 2003

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