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by Janice Law
Forge, June 2003
240 pages
ISBN: 0765302756

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What do you remember from your past? Sometimes an incident will spark off a memory. The hope is that most of these memories are pleasant, but sometimes they are vague. After a miscarriage, Leslie begins recalling parts of her past which prompts some questions. Reflections of her earlier days leave Leslie feeling anxious and bewildered.

When she was vulnerable, she saw the news story of a young girl who had disappeared twenty-five years prior. The child had been five years old and vanished from the parent's backyard. This becomes a nagging story for Leslie. Her husband, Doug, helpful as he is, can not answer some of her torturing questions. Missing history and partial memories encourage Leslie to seek answers. She decides to speak with her aunt who had raised her.

The reader meets the father of the kidnapped child. Even though he is so raw and vulnerable, he is hungry for the truth. You can feel his angst as the father relives the early days of the kidnapping. The author successfully portrays the emotions of the prime characters.

When a person searches deeply for the truth, often it will change their life. Sometimes a person is not prepared for the change. Sometimes it is too much of a shock. Is it better to know the truth or not? When we tap past information, we risk the chance that we find out information that we may not want to know.

This book is divided into three sections, all entitled with the seasons of the year. Even though I had some doubt in the middle of the book as to the direction it was going, this was a wonderful finish and I recommend this book. I can see this as a made for TV movie.

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, June 2003

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