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by Sue Grafton
Random House Audio, October 2002
Unabridged audio pages
ISBN: 0739301233

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Kinsey Millhone, in her 17th adventure, works with two old, sick, law enforcement officers to find the identity of a young woman whose mutilated body was found near an old quarry on Kinsey's grandmother's land, 18 years before. All Kinsey's usual quirks are in evidence. She details her travels and her junk food forays, her method of hair cutting and her "little black dress," but this book has a little more to offer.

Grafton is a formulaic writer, but one is always drawn back to the fictional California town and Kinsey's further adventures. In this one, Grafton takes a story with a bit of truth in it...in 1969 the body of a young woman was found in Santa Barbara County. The person is still unknown. In Q IS FOR QUARRY, a plausible solution is put forth.

Judy Kaye, who reads the books in this series, has a pleasant voice with no obvious regional accent, and, as usual, Q IS FOR QUARRY, is undemanding to listen to (except for the peanut butter and pickle sandwich) I prefer to listen to these books because of the extensive descriptive passages which I would tend to skip over if I read the books. If you are a fan of Grafton and Kinsey Millhone, then these audios are an excellent way of listening to the newest in the series and really would help to pass the time while driving.

(Note: There are 4 other reviews for this title on this site, all of which give more of the plot than I have here.)

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, May 2003

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