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by Sarah Andrews
St. Martin's Minotaur, February 2003
310 pages
ISBN: 0312301960

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Forensic geologist Em Hansen and FBI agent Jack Sampler finally make it into bed but Jack gets a phone call and leaves abruptly early in the morning. When he sets up a time to phone Em but doesn't, she goes to Tom Latimer, retired FBI agent, husband to her very pregnant friend,Faye Carter, and tries to pry out of him what Jack is up to.

She finds he is in Florida. Despite her fear of being completely surrounded by water (after all, she's from Wyoming and now lives in Utah), she determines that she must go to Florida and find out what is going on. Her adviser tells her to that since she has to go to Florida, she should use the time to look into doing a thesis on desertification in the Sahara and its effects.

Clouds of dust, visible from space, travel across the Atlantic on the prevailing winds. The dust contains pollutants too small to be filtered out by the lungs, and are also causing the coral reefs in the Caribbean to die. What would happen if a terrorist dropped some finely powdered anthrax into the cloud as it approached landfall on the coast of the US.

Meanwhile, Lucy, an astronaut and geologist, scheduled to go up in the next shuttle flight, is being stalked by a man she dated a few times.  She has worked very hard to get where she is and although frightened, she refuses to give in.

Em works to find Jack and when she does, the stalkers, the one targeting Lucy and the ones targeting the United States, better watch out. This book, the 8th in the series, brings problems that originate on another continent close to us. It shows that we must be more aware of our surroundings, because we are all being threatened.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, April 2003

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