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by James Patter with Andrew Gross
Warner Books, February 2003
417 pages
ISBN: 0446612790

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This is the second in the James Patterson series featuring the Women's Murder Club. The Women's Murder club formed in the first book. 1ST TO DIE, the club consists of four friends that are a detective, a district attorney, a reporter and a medical examiner.         

In this the second book the women come together once more to combine their skills to try to capture a serial killer with a hidden agenda. The first two victims are two African Americans killed miles apart. One is a innocent little girl gunned down leaving her church after choir practice, the second a elderly old woman found hanging in her basement and assumed to be a suicide.

In the beginning the two cases appear to be unrelated until the detective, Lyndsay traces the victims down and discover that they are related to city cops. The killer leaves behind a symbol at each murder scene- is it a racist hate crime or an attempt to lead the police down the wrong path.

The Women's Murder club comes back together to help evaluate the clues and crime scenes. It soon becomes personal when the killer lets the women know that he is aware of what they are doing, who they are and where they live.

Once more James Patterson hits a home run. He is one of my favorite authors. I think it is due to the realness of his characters and I also enjoy the short chapters. It keeps me turning the pages and always saying Just one more chapter!

Reviewed by Susan Johnson, May 2003

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