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by Beth Anderson
Amber Quill Press, February 2003
262 pages
ISBN: 159279968X

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XMichael Shaunnessey wanted revenge against Girardo Castivenette, the boy who had taken advantage of his young daughter. So what if the result of the revenge extended to Girardo's father, Emelio. Emelio and Michael were good friends and partners in ownership of the emerald mine. To Michael's way of thinking, Emelio had been partly to blame for what had happened to his daughter. What Michael didn't know was that once set loose, revenge has a way of coming back to haunt you.

Leigh Shaunnessey knew Girardo hadn't really taken advantage of her. She just never thought things would turn out like they did. She never thought her father would be murdered. She never thought she would bear a child at a very young age. But the result of these events led her to discover just how strong a will she had. She knew exactly what she wanted out of life and designed a plan to get it.

Leigh wanted to "make a difference" in the world. A home and family were not really a top priority for her. In fact, it was something for which she just couldn't spare the time. Then, she met the man who could touch her very soul. They were so much alike it was scary. When they discovered they both had tremendous drive and the same dreams, they knew they were destined to be competitors and a life together was out of the question. Leigh did marry, however, but the man she married loved her enough to allow her to pursue her dream. Even so, he made it clear that he would really be happier if she would follow a more traditional role. But her drive was strong. Could it be possible her dream would be fulfilled and she would actually end up in the White House? She knew she could do it.  

Girardo, on the other hand, had always known the depth of his own strength and determination. He would lead, not follow. He would win, not lose. He would have everything he wanted. His father, Emelio, had dreamed that Girardo would become President of the United States. But that dream died when the emeralds were stolen. Girardo's dream would come true because he had vision. He knew that the seductive power of the drugs Columbia could supply to the world would grow beyond even his wildest dreams. No, it would not be in the United States that his dream would be realized. He would build his kingdom in Columbia. Yes, he knew he was destined to rule, just as Emelio dreamed. But the way he chose to gain power and fortune was to profit by preying on the weakness of others. He figured the buyers knew what they were getting into and if they still wanted the product, he was only too glad to supply what they needed.

Leigh and Girardo, two strong personalities, two dynamic destinies would be invisibly linked for years until they collided in a final test of wills. Little did either one of them dream when they last saw each other as teenagers that years in the future their paths would cross again and they would no longer be lovers, not even friends, but enemies who would not, could not afford to lose. 

The story takes us from deep in the jungle, to high society, and even into the White House. But more than that, it takes us deep into ourselves. In this suspenseful saga of three generations, Ms. Anderson reminds us that the sins of the father are indeed visited upon their children and their children's children, even unto untold generations, unless someone can find a way to end it.

Murder, greed, passion, mystery, jewels, and love are mighty potent elements when mixed by a master storyteller. Ms. Anderson has done just that in Second Generation. The story is so well written that you will be pulled into the web after just the first few pages and you will be living the adventures of her characters and feeling their joy, pain, passion, and despair just as real as if it is happening to you. And from the lessons we learn by walking in their lives, maybe it does.

Note: Also available as ebook $5.50 ISBN 1-59279-054-2

Reviewed by Barbara Wright, May 2003

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