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by Reginald Hill
Dell Books, September 1999
464 pages
ISBN: 0440225906

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In RECALLED TO LIFE, Superintendent Andrew Dalziel revisited a case after the person convicted of the crime was released after the discovery of new evidence. In this novel, Dalziel will go back to the past and follow up on an unsolved case that continues to haunt this determined police office up to this day.

Twelve years ago, the town of Dendale has been emptied of its population in order to construct a new reservoir. During the previous months, three young girls have disappeared from the now-flooded village, but they have yet to be found. During the present time, it is one of the hottest summers in history and the reservoir has dried up. Another girl has just disappeared reawakening the tragedy to nearby villages living in fear and looking for answers. Dalziel returns to the scene of the crime earning the scorn of some of the people who remember the fat man who could not find their daughters. Andy is thick-skinned and he can take it. Now with the assistance of his partner, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Pascoe and Detective Constable Shirley Novello, they will break the case and uncover a secret held by a witness after all these years.

Reginald Hill writes a literary police procedural full of symbolic references as well as several literary allusions. There is strong characterization in the book with some of the former Dendale citizens, whom matured in over twelve years and see things in a different way. This long-running series of Dalziel and Pascoe continues to entertain due to the disparate personalities between the two together with the verbal sparring between Andy and Peterís wife Ellie. Rosie Pascoe, the young daughter of the DCI, makes a strong appearance when one of her friends goes missing. She plays an important role and it is nice to see a child in literature acting like a child once in a while. ON BEULAH HEIGHT will stay with you after finishing making you appreciate the innate wisdom childrenís share. If you have not done it yet, hug your child today, then read this book.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, April 2003

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