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by Lori Foster
Kensington, February 2002
280 pages
ISBN: 0758200846

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Noah Harper breaks off his engagement to Kara when he finds her in bed with another man. To save her from embarrassment, he promises not to tell her parents why the wedding's being canceled. Of course, her parents blame him, as does his grandmother, wealthy Agatha Harper. Only his brother Ben and Agatha's secretary, Grace Jenkins, support Noah after the break-up.

Full-figured Grace has loved Noah from afar for years. Glad to be rid of Kara, Noah decides to indulge in unbridled sex as a pick-me-up. He asks Grace to be his "sex slave" and she willingly agrees. But of course, Noah soon finds himself falling in love with Grace. Agatha disowns Noah and fires Grace when she learns of their affair. Brother Ben makes her see sense after an argument that sends Agatha to the hospital in heart failure. Kara then comes clean with her parents, marries the man she wants, and leaves Noah and Grace free to marry also. All ends happily as Noah and Grace make peace with Agatha.

There's not much of a plot to this book, and what plot there is, is highly predictable. But the story should please readers who enjoy this popular romance writer's hot sex scenes. Foster leaves nothing to the imagination, wrapping a little dialogue in a bevy of bedroom adventures.

Reviewed by Mary V. Welk, April 2003

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