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by Susan R. Sloan
Warner Books, March 2003
592 pages
ISBN: 044661260X

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One of the most controversial subjects that still provoke many Americans is the theme of abortion. One side believes in "Freedom of Choice" where women have the right to decide if they want to terminate their pregnancy for any reason. On the other hand, there is the side that believes that "Abortion is a Sin" and that no matter how you look at it, murder is murder. Susan R. Sloan will use this issue as the background for this intensive courtroom drama. The defendant's guilt or innocence will be irrelevant to many involved. The only thing on their minds is how can they use this court case to their advantage and benefit from it. The author does not leave any stone unturned and the rhetoric preached by every single group will be shown in this book.

The Seattle Family Services Center has been destroyed in a carefully orchestrated terrorist act. Someone planted plastic explosives in the buildings basement causing the facility to collapse on itself creating massive casualties. Hill House, as the place was affectionately known, has been the scene of numerous protests. Besides offering medical services for everyone and a soup kitchen for the homeless, they helped perform abortions. The devastation could not have happened at a worst time. It is the New Hampshire primaries and politicians are too busy trying to put a spin towards their campaigns promising to find those responsible. The police have very little to go on until one day they receive an anonymous tip. Through that information they perform an investigation arresting Lt. Corey Latham, a twenty-five-year-old Naval officer experienced in demolition. He had motive, means and opportunity, but could he be the one? Is he just a convenient scapegoat, or is he the monster the media portrays him to be? The evidence against the defendant is shaky, at best, and Corey's lawyer, Dana McAuliffe will challenge every bit. She believes her client is innocent and will do everything under her own power to accomplish that. The only thing she is unaware of is the toll it is going to be on her personal and professional life. There is no way she could have seen how drastically her life was going to change.

ACT OF GOD is an ambitious novel written by an ambitious author. It has been three years since the terrific An Isolated Incident first came out and the hard work in this one shows. The case is scene through every aspect from the very beginning until the shocking end. This will be seen through all points of view including victims, police, protesters, politicians, the media, prospective jurors, rabble-rousers, among others. This could not have been an easy task for the author but all the hard work is presented in a clear form, making it an entertaining read. The author espouses no specific view; every single one will be explored. It is up to the reader to make up his or her own mind. If it takes three years to write a great novel like ACT OF GOD, then sign me up for the waiting list of the next book. It will be worth the wait. In the meantime, there is Guilt by Association to tide me over.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, April 2003

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