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by Mary Higgins Clark
Pocket Books, April 2003
384 pages
ISBN: 0743460529

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Mary Higgins Clarkís latest novel explores the degrees of guilt family members share when one of their own is murdered. Ellie Cavanaugh has dealt with the guilt of her sisterís murder for over fifteen years and she has not forgotten it. When she was a little girl, Ellie had an idea as to what were her sister Andreaís whereabouts but did not reveal it to her parents. When Andrea went missing Ellie went looking for her and found her bludgeoned body. Her father blamed Ellie for Andreaís death and the entire family has been estranged.

Now the man sentence for Andreaís murder is out on parole working hard to clear his name. Ellie is not buying it and she will use her skills as an investigative reporter to research the life of the accused murderer, Rob Westerfield, and set up a web site with her findings before the Westerfields can whitewash the events. This family is an influential Westchester family and they will use any means necessary to counteract anything Ellie brings forward. What it will cause is that their dirty laundry will be exposed and some things never meant to be revealed will be exposed.

Jan Maxwell gives a good portrayal in her reading of Daddyís Little Girl portraying with great emotion a young woman who is defined by her past. Ellie is headstrong, relentless, and stubborn. She is so convinced in Rob Westerfieldís guilt that any other option is ridiculous. The other provides several red herrings throughout the book leaving readers guessing until the very end. Some might be surprised, others will not.

One of Mary Higgins Clark strongest point in her novels is the way she portrays the emotional strength of her female protagonists and this book is no exception. It reads like her other books but there is one exception. With the recent release of the so-called Preppy murderer, people might think about it when reading the book. In no way is the book inspired by the murder, but the same type of attacker is used.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, February 2003

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