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by Jack du Brul
Onyx, December 2002
534 pages
ISBN: 0451410548

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Indiana WHO?

Double OH-WHAT?

Who needs movie action heroes when you can get more action and adventure in the palm of your hand with Jack Du Brulís latest novel, River of Ruin featuring Mercer, geologist extraordinaire

Q- And who is Mercer?

A- Glad you asked. Dr. Philip Mercer is a well-known geologist whose services are always clamored and who was first introduced in Jack Du Brul's first novel, Vulcan's Forge. Mercer can pick and choose whatever assignment he desire and his prestige and records are known throughout the small community. One of his biggest accomplishments was working a top-secret mission in Iraq trying to find Uranium deposits in Saddam Hussein's land. During the operation he managed to save the lives of several Marines stationed there and has earned the gratitude of the United States government. Throughout his career, he has saved the world on at least three occasions and was instrumental in the discovery of Promethium, the most powerful metal on the planet. After a long and hard day trying to protect the planet, Mercer likes to relax at Tiny's, his favorite watering hole in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, he will not get a chance to relax on River of Ruin.

Q- And what happens in River of Ruin?

A- Mercer goes to an auction house in France to acquire a journal written by Ferdinand de Lesseps, a Frenchman involved with the construction of the Panama Canal. Mercer's friend, Gary Barber, believes that this journal holds the secret of the Inca's Twice-Stolen treasure. Barber believes that centuries ago the Incas stole the Spaniards loot and hid it somewhere where it could never be found. Gary hopes that the diary will give him the clue that he needs, however Mercer is skeptical of the existence of the lost treasure but agrees to get the book. Shortly after he acquires the book, a group of hitmen is trying to kill Mercer for that manuscript. Price is no object for the story's main villain, whatever the villain wants, the villain gets. The geologist has other ideas.

After eluding the bad guys and getting a bit of payback, Mercer decides to go to Panama to find his friend's camp and figure out what is going on. When he arrives, he finds the place completely ransacked and everyone shot. Angered by this he investigates and learns that things are not quite what they seem. He is going to learn about a devious plot by the main villain that could shift the balance of power around the world.

Q- Is there action?

A- Hell, yeah.

Q- Romance?

A- You will have to ask Mercer about that.

Q- Is Harry White in this novel?

A- You mean the curmudgeonly, one-legged, octogenarian former sea captain who loves to pull practical jokes on Mercer and is always saving the geologist's behind because he does not know any better and has appeared in the previous four novels? THAT Harry White?

Q- Uh...yeah?


Q- Is there....?

A- (interrupting) - Why do you keep asking questions? Go buy Jack Du Brul's River of Ruin. It will be the best $6.99 (plus tax) that you will ever spend.

A- You're STILL reading this? Get moving! GO! GO! GO!

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, January 2003

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