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by Sarah Lovett
Pocket Books, January 2003
368 pages
ISBN: 0743463358

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Someone is targeting molesters that have escaped justice through a technicality in the legal system. There is a vigilante who does not want these abusers to escape justice, so before they get to celebrate freedom they are brutally executed. The one thing all of these men have in common is that they were all court-appointed patients of forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Sylvia Strange. It was her reluctant testimony that helped these men avoid a prison sentence and Killer is not happy. It appears that the vigilante needs to stop the good doctor before any more bad men manage to slip from the system. This self-proclaimed avenger has a hidden agenda and it involves Dr. Strange, who has no idea what is Killerís identity. She better find out soon, otherwise, she might be the next victim.

Many authors write novels with all-knowing psychologists who have all the answers and are full of self-confidence. The main protagonist is not like that in this book. Dr. Sylvia Strange is a regular person, who has as much insecurities as anyone else, and wants to make a difference. In Acquired Motives, she begins to doubt herself after helping defense lawyers free their clients. She is also nervous about her relationship with her boyfriend, New Mexico Police Detective Matt England. They both work both on different side of the issue but they love each other. When a former girlfriend of Matt comes into the picture, Sylvia cannot help but be jealous.

What at first seems to be an open-and-shut novel about a vigilante killing sexual predators, turns out to be something else. Lovett snares her readers into a red herring and stuns them halfway throughout the novel. Things are not quite what they seem, but it is fun to find out. It is a surprising novel full of twists and turns filled with a good cast of supporting characters. If you have not read this series before, now is a good time to start. As you jump from book to book, Dr. Strange is getting more definition and growing up as a character. If you are starting now, wait to you get to A Desperate Silence. This is a promising series that does not need any comparison. She stands alone very well and hopefully, others will see that too.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, January 2003

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