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by Sylvia Foti
Creative Arts Book Company, September 2002
239 pages
ISBN: 0887394124

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Alexandria Vilkas is a reporter for GYPSY magazine. After is is revealed that the hispanic Mayor of Chicago has been having an affair with an astrologer, Alexandria is sent to interview him. Later, he dies in her arms at a fancy New Year's Eve party at the Crystal Skull restaurant, at which the eponymous item is being displayed. Crystal Skull is purportedly millennia old, left on the Earth by a more highly evolved race. It is one of several which is supposed to guide human evolution.

The Skull is found in her car, with her fingerprints on it, so of course Alexandria is suspected of murdering the mayor. She uses her investigative skills to try and find out who the culprit actually is, and on the way, we are treated to a sarcastic view of Chicago city politics.

The characters are a little too broadly drawn, the situations just on the edge of believability, but the book is well paced and moves quickly to a conclusion. Foti has an eye for the absurd. Although this book is set in Foti's home town of Chicago, the local politicians and their games could be in any city, anywhere. The book could have used a better copy editor. There were several places where the use of the incorrect synonym was very glaring. That said, it's worth a try.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, January 2003

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