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by Lauren Bach
Warner Books, August 2002
337 pages
ISBN: 0446611158

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ATF agent Alec Dempsey returns to his hometown of Freedom, Arkansas to assist the FBI in recovering lost coins which would convict mob boss, Joseph Ciccone.

He is reluctant to return to the town he left 10 years ago when he wanted to find freedom from the small town. He left behind the girl he loved, Keira Morgan, and isn't sure of his welcome.

He agrees to the assignment when he learns that Keira is being threatened by the brother of men she had caused to be apprehended by the police.

Keira is at first reluctant to work with him, but finds that their attraction and love for each other had not died. Together they struggle to find a solution to the dangers involved.

The action is spine tingling as is the heat generated between the two former reunited lovers, Dempsey and Morgan. The suspense is continual with the two trying to resolve the dangerous situation while fighting their renewed attraction. The characterization of the protagonists is excellent with characters and actions true to life.

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, December 2002

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