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by Steve Hamilton
Minotaur Books, May 2002
259 pages
ISBN: 0312268971

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Alex McKnight thinks he is a failure. A minor league baseball player who never made the majors; a Detroit cop who was shot in the incident when his partner was killed, a failed marriage. He used to be happy just taking care of the 6 cabins he and his father had built in Paradise near the Canadian border in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and renting them out to fishermen in the summer and whoever could take the weather in the winter. He'd go to the Glasgow Inn for a meal and a cold Canadian beer just about every day. But now, at 49, contemplating the half century to come, and thinking about his failures as a PI, he is just getting more and more depressed.

He hasn't shown up at the Glasgow Inn for a while, so the owner, Jackie Connery, comes to his house and cons him into coming to a poker game. That's when things start to go wrong. The game is at the house of a guy who builds custom kitchens for exclusive homes. The sort that are beginning to go up on the shores of the lake...the kind that neither Alex nor Jackie wants to see built in their neck of the U.P. The kind with guards and gates. Then sometime during the evening, things start to go awry. Three men break into the house, break into the safe, and destroy the owner's artifact room. Of course Chief Maven thinks that Alex and his friends are involved and of course, Alex has to work to clear them

Although the story takes place in early summer, one can still feel the cold of northern Michigan while reading the book, or perhaps it's just Alex's despair pervading the narrative.

Hamilton's first book A COLD DAY IN PARADISE won several awards, including an Edgar. NORTH OF NOWHERE follows WINTER OF THE WOLF MOON and THE HUNTING WIND. It's the first book of the series that doesn't relate back to his days as a baseball player or policeman, but it is just as strong an entry as the others.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, November 2002

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