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by Lou Allin
Rendezvous Crime, March 2002
288 pages
ISBN: 092914192X

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When her elderly neighbour is found dead, Belle Palmer is worried that her death could in some way be connected to the bear baiting site that she had discovered in the woods, and that her neighbour had vowed to destroy.

Steve Davis of the local police investigating the killing, seems to have only one suspect, the victimıs nephew. But Belle, owner of Palmer Reality surveying the neighbourhood finds herself paying attention to things she would normally overlook. The distinct hostility of Patsy Sommers, Nick Delvecchio, who arrives every April and stays though until August, shy and reclusive, too old to be a student, Belle realised she has no idea how he supports himself during these months.

When Belle stumbles on a letter which recalls a past tragedy, she wonders if this could be relevant to the murder. Snatching at straws Belle sets out seek the truth of this horrific event, believing that it may lead her to find her friendıs killer. As she uncovers past secrets, she comes to question the people around her, who may be not what

they seem.

Set in Northern Ontario in high summer, Lou Allin conveyed the incredible vastness of the country and the remoteness of the setting. The descriptions of the woods, fauna and plant life were beautiful and fascinating. At one point in the story Belle is explaining to a neighbour who has only recently moved to the area , that there are rules to rural living. Well Lou Allin, certainly had my attention. I found the whole background to the story utterly absorbing. Itıs always rewarding to not only enjoy a mystery but to learn about a different way of life along the way.

This is the second book in the series, the first is entitled, Northern Winters are Murder

Reviewed by Lizzie Hayes, December 2002

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