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by Soo Kim Abboud,MD
Treble Heart Books, September 2002
ISBN: 1931742367

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Lisa Horvath was doing her cardiac surgery residency at New York University Hospital where her work was considered outstanding. However, since she had recently experienced a heartbreaking end of an engagement she wanted to get to an entirely new and different area. When she discovered that two well known and respected cardiac surgeons had moved their practice from Boston to a medical center in a much smaller town, Pine Hill Memorial Hospital, she applied and was accepted into their program. She was to work closely with the chief of the department, John Hunsicker. Dr. Hunsicker was a brilliant surgeon, but one with a reputation for being very demanding and difficult. In spite of this she was enjoying her work and her professional relationships with his partner, Dr. Toms, and the rest of the staff in the Cardiac Care unit. This did not last long; shortly after she arrived post operative cardiac by-pass patients, patients who should have had an excellent recovery, began to die. Eventually the local police became involved in an investigation of what they were afraid were homicides.

Dr. Abboud has written a very interesting and fast moving story. She had a very good idea of an unusual method and reason for murder. She included a pleasant and predictable romance (a bit like "Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester"). For a new author she seems to be comfortable with dialogue, however, her characters seem rather one dimensional. Naturally the author (herself a physician) seems to have gotten the medical things "right". I would suggest, however, that she do more extensive research on government agencies and other industries when she includes them in a work. When a reader is familiar with an area of expertise and comes across an obvious error it can be very jarring. Additionally, the book would be greatly enhanced if edited for repetitive phrases and for continuity of characters and events.  I found the ending ingenious and surprising.

Also available as download or on diskette.

Reviewed by Martha Hopkins, October 2002

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