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by Kevin Allman
St. Martin's Press, January 1995
262 pages
$out of print
ISBN: 0312119046

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Kieran O'Connor likes to think of himself as a journalist, but the truth of the matter is that his specialty is events coverage of the entertainment industry and he's barely scraping by. Movie premieres, concerts, boring awards dinners; that's his beat. He'd much prefer to do hard news; and accidentally, he's able to do that. As he attends yet another awards dinner, the wife of one of the award's winners commits suicide in the women's bathroom. Coincidentally, Kieran is in the men's bathroom and hears the shot. He's the first on the scene, but the reporting goes to someone else. What nobody knows is that he took the suicide note and faxed it to himself before the death was made public.

Kieran, in the name of journalism, interviews everyone associated with Monica Slezak to see what could have caused her to take her own life. At first glance, it appears that she might be despondent over not having been nominated for an Academy Award. Or that she was devastated because another film which she was intending to produce and which was close to her heart was put into inactive status. Kieran uncovers lots of surprises and ultimately unveils Monica's killer. Ironically, he is part of the story so he cannot report it.

A side story spotlights Kieran's personal life and his relationship with his bi-sexual lover, Claudia. Both wary of commitment, they work themselves through separation and union.

Tight Shot is Allman's first novel. I was a bit dissatisfied with the lack of revelation around the killer, but all in all, he does a fine job.

Reviewed by Maddy Van Hertbruggen, August 2002

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