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by Dennis Lehane
Harper Torch, December 2000
378 pages
ISBN: 0380726289

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Diandra Warren, a psychiatrist, hires Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro to help her find Kevin Hurlihy, a scary Irish criminal, who she attests has threatened her by phone and who sent her a photo of her son, Jason, a college student. The trail leads Angie and Patrick into their own shared past and then back into the present where a serial killer is raping and murdering young people.

The story is a violent one, set among the people Lehane knows best, the working class Irish-Americans of Dorchester. A meet is set up between the Irish and Italian mafiosi. Angie faces them down. This is a very funny scene, reminiscent of those in many B-gangster movies, with the stilted dialogue of Brando in "The Godfather"

Patrick has found someone he can love. She is a young resident doctor single mother with a young daughter. Angie has finally decided to divorce her abusive husband. A local woman, who had gone away and just returned, several years younger than Patrick and Angie, is found crucified and murdered on a local street. They are unable to save Jason either. The murderer is discovered, but if there is no neat solution of the ethical morass at the end of the book, there are none in real life either.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, June 2002

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