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by Robert Barnard
Scribner, April 2002
267 pages
ISBN: 0684873796

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Matt Harper, retired footballer, now broadcaster for BBC North, is going over the house in Leeds he has just purchased,with his contractor. They check the attic for use as a possible room for one of the children or an office for Matt. and in an out of the way section, they find some small bones. They call the police who determine that the bones are those of a 2 year old child and may be as much as 30 years old.

Detective Sgt Charlie Peace, himself a new father, and Matt, who has full charge of his partner's 3 children while she is off in South Africa tending to personal business, feel they have to find out more about this toddler. Thirty years earlier, the seven year old Matt had been sent to stay with his Aunt in Leeds, while his mother recuperated from a botched operation. Even at that tender age, Matt had a talent for soccer and was invited to play pickup games with a group of older children. The police have finite resources to expend on a 30 year old death, but Matt uses his broadcasting contacts to try and find out more. As he digs deeper into the mystery, his memories of the period begin to return, and he starts finding out what happened to the group of 10 children from 1969.

The narrative moves smoothly between the past and the present. Peace and Harper become friends. Harper was originally from Bermondsey and Peace from Brixton, both working class areas of London. Charllie Peace has been featured in several other books by Barnard, sometimes with other recurring characters. One can only hope that this is the start of a new group of adventures Peace will share with Harper.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, May 2002

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