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by Jennifer Apodaca
Kensington Books, April 2002
272 pages
ISBN: 0758200730

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I've always found first sentences of a book to be intriguing. This one really is! "Finding out that my dead husband had been cheating on me made getting revenge harder." This was the beginning of an enjoyable book.

Samantha Shaw purchased a dating service business with the insurance money from her husband's death. He had been involved in this business earlier, but she never knew how much until his demise. A threat targeted her with the assumption that she had lots of money, money she didn't know about. She knew it was connected to her slimy husband's past mistakes. He sold condoms as well as some other business endeavors. He ran around a lot and he cheated. He was a snake!

Moving on to the more positive: there are two handsome men who are now involved in Sam's life. One is a former policeman named Gabe, the other is a current policeman named Rossi. Both of them are gorgeous in their own way. The question arises if either or both of them are looking out for Sam's best interest.

After Sam's unscrupulous husband dies, she and her two sons move in with her grandfather. A man of many talents, Grandpa was a magician and is currently a computer hacker which proves to be a critical skill. One other extended member of this family includes Sam's mother who is more than a little critical of her daughter, wanting her to dispose of the dating service and go to real estate school. The hope is that her daughter will find a nice man and settle down. Mom has a notorious reputation for showing up at the wrong time, usually when her daughter is in a compromising situation. Looking out for Sam's welfare is Ali, the four-legged member of the family, a German Shepherd guard dog who comes to the rescue more than once. I personally fell for the dog!

The antics necessitate an amusing story for the reader, following Sam and her friends as they try to identify and catch the villains. Along the way, they need to look for some missing video tapes, play some Bunko and frequent the hospital for fixing scrapes and acquiring stitches. Oh, and she does find her villain. Enjoy!

On the book jacket, it states that Jennifer Apodaca likes to create characters with an attitude. She does a good job without overkill.

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, April 2002

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