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by Lydia Adamson
Signet, July 2002
187 pages
ISBN: 0451206649

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Alice Nestleton is at loose ends during a long hot summer. She gets offered a job cat sitting for a guide book author and best of all his apartment is air-conditioned. She accepts immediately even though the offer is a little odd. She is to play with the cat for a couple hours even though the owner is there so he can get some work done. When she arrives the cat is off with a cat-walker. Another perk in his feline life. Before Alice has a chance to meet this privledged pet, the door bell rings. When Alice answers it, she is knocked unconscious.

Coming to in the hospital she learns that her new employer is dead and his friends want her to investigate. His cat-walker turns up murdered on that same night, but where is the cat?

Alice and her friend Sam Tully investigate every twist and turn in the murdered manžs life, looking for his killer. His guide books seem to make no sense (having some places that no longer exist). And Alice looks high and low for the missing Brat (the cat). Somehow it all ties in together and with amazing and surprising twists the answer comes out of the most unusual place for a most unusual cat.

Reviewed by Lois Lew, April 2002

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