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by Julie Kaewert
Bantam Doubleday Dell, January 2002
310 pages
ISBN: 0553582208

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Julie Kaewert's Booklover's Mysteries, featuring small press publisher Alex Plumtree, always call for a huge dose of willing suspension of disbelief, and yet present very satisfying reading experiences.

UNCATALOGUED is no exception. For Alex, life has an uncanny way of imitating the book with which he is currently involved: this time it's the diary of Samuel Pepys.

Alex and Sarah finally pull off their opt-postponed wedding, and head for the unlikely honeymoon venue of their Dartmouth College reunion where some original Pepys page are rumored to have surfaced.

Soon London is burning from an economic revolt, Her Majesty is injured in a riding accident, and the succession to the throne is in doubt due to a casual statement made by Prince Charles. It's up to Alex and crew to put the world to rights (and save Dartmouth's rowing program in his spare time).

The plots here are far-fetched, but internally consistent. The characters are great, and the setting among rare books and small presses is comforting to many readers. UNCATALOGUED is perfect rainy weekend reading.

Reviewed by Debbie Bogenschutz, February 2002

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