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by Lee Child
G. P.Putnam's Sons, May 2002
384 pages
ISBN: 0399148612

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Some people want Vice President-elect, Brook Armstrong dead. They tried to kill him in September. They had the silencer on the gun and the perfect location but the bullet missed. No one in the crowd heard the gun shot. Armstrong廣 hair stirred as the bullet moved past him but he thought it was nothing more than the wind. The attempt was a failure and no one noticed. They would try again. Soon.

M.E. Froelich is the team leader in charge of the Secret Service ordered to protect the Vice President-elect. Stuyvesant is Froleich廣 immediate superior and a threatening letter towards Armstrong has appeared on his immaculate desk at the Secret Service offices in Washington, D.C. No one has any idea how the letter got there even though there are cameras recording everything going on in the office building twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No one was recorded going in or out of Stuyvesant廣 office and no one saw anything out of the ordinary. The only signature on the letter was an unidentifiable perfect thumbprint.

Worried, Froelich hires Jack Reacher to check to see if the security she and her team provides is sufficient to stop any assassination attempt on Armstrong. Jack, retired from the armed forces, is the younger brother of Froelich廣 ex boyfriend, Joe. Both brothers were in the military and were experts at military tactics. Joe was killed a few years before while still working for the government.

Jack agrees to help Froelich, and with the aid of another ex military person, Neagley, he shows Froelich how an assassination attempt could take place. Eventually, Froelich tells the two what廣 really going on, and they start looking for the people who want to see Brook Armstrong dead.

So begins Lee Child廣 newest and best book to date, WITHOUT FAIL. Jack Reacher returns as the ex-military man with no one and nothing to keep him in one place. Without baggage of any kind, Jack travels all over the country, buying clothing when he needs to and throwing them out when they廝e dirty. He廣 practically untraceable and unreachable. This is the sixth in the series.

WITHOUT FAIL takes the readers behind the scenes of the Secret Service and shows us how they react to situations, why they do what they do to protect the people they廝e hired to protect, and we also get to see the measures they go through to do their job successfully.

Lee Child廣 books get better and better with each addition to the series. WITHOUT FAIL is a real page-turner with plenty of excitement all through it. Child has not only made a detailed study of his character, but he has delved into the workings of the military and government. Yes, on occasion Reacher and Neagley sometimes seem to have superhuman powers, but the readers will willingly forgive those moments to cheer on the heroes of this story.

This new fast paced novel not only keeps you on your toes trying to figure out who wants to kill the Vice Presidentelect but also keeps you wondering why. Child gives us the answers to the questions as the book progresses. We start to understand how personal childhood experiences control our actions as adults.

In WITHOUT FAIL, Child has written a wonderfully thrilling story. I highly recommend this well written book.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, February 2002

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