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by Lorie Ham
America House Publishing, August 2001
222 pages
ISBN: 1588513807

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Mocha drinking gospel singer, Alexandra Walters, has been performing her music for twenty-five years. She started young with her family and continued when she married. Her ex-husband, Mike, returns with an altercation and a young bride, Leslie. They declare that they want Alex's young daughter, Jessica, to come live with them. Stephen, investigator and boyfriend of Alex, is supportive of her and thinks they should marry soon to help support the possibility of a custody battle.

Alex was asked to emcee a concert performance where a confrontation occurs between Leslie and Alex. Many bystanders witness this. Then, a key character is murdered. I am not telling you who it is! Alex is a key suspect. Is the possible motive blackmail, secrets, money, jealousy or infidelity? Perhaps it is something you do not even expect. There are many people who may have murdered this individual and many more who wanted to.

The author paints a succinct picture of gospel music behind the scenes. This gave me new appreciation for this difficult work, pointing to long hours, dedication and travel. Lorie Ham does a good job of writing about a business that is often criticized and shows the characters as real people. I grew to know the characters; some I liked, some made me laugh and some disgusted me. Two of my favorite relationships were between Alex and her daughter, Jess and between Alex and Sergeant Knight. I hope the latter relationship is explored and enhanced in the next Alexandra Walters book. Knight and Alex gently butt heads and there is a magnetic chemistry between them.

This is a quick light read with an unusual twist for me because of the setting. I liked it.

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, January 2002

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