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by Laurie Cass
Berkley, August 2023
367 pages
ISBN: 059354742X

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Minnie and Eddie, the Bookmobile cat, are sleuthing once again when the owner of Henika's Candy Emporium is murdered.

Leah Wasson shares that Whippy Henika recently disclosed that he is her birth father, and she asks Minnie to help her find out what happened. Minnie's other challenge is an assignment from the Library's Director: figuring out how to use the cumbersome book bike created by the library's new board chairman.

When Minnie approaches Deputy Ash Wolverson to find out what's happening with Whippy's murder investigation, he won't tell her if they have any suspects but does tell her they discovered a note among the dead man's stuff, headed "Time for you to Die." Minnie does manage to develop a suspect list of her own: Toby Guinn, arrested for a string of robberies; Kurt Wasson, Leah's ex-husband; Rene Kinney, who just hated Whippy; and Dan Calhoun who pestered Whippy about taking over his shop's space to expand his business.

Minnie also believes finding Leah's birth mother may be helpful. Hence, she begins that search only to be surprised when she discovers a new library board member, Carolyn Mathews, also received a note reading "Time for you to Die." Minnie wonders how Carolyn and Whippy are connected.

At the library, how to use the book bike presents problems. The bike is heavy and unwieldy, and the first trial results in damage that must be repaired. Now Minnie is faced with the issue of effectively utilizing this original vehicle.

Laurie Cass concocts an unusually engaging mystery, but reading Minnie's continuous dialogue with Eddie provides excellent and interesting entertainment treating her feline partner as a sounding board for the progress of her investigation.

Ruth Castleberry has worked as an investigator for Pinkerton's, a city desk assistant on the Charlotte News, free-lance writer, marketing/business strategy consultant, competitive intelligence practitioner and digital marketing consultant.

Reviewed by Ruth Castleberry, August 2023

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