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by Erica Ruth Neubauer
Kensington, April 2022
288 pages
ISBN: 1496725913

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The third installment in author Erica Ruth Neubauer's Jane Wunderly series finds Jane aboard the Olympic, sister ship to the Titanic, as it sails from Southhampton, England, to New York. It's 1926, and Jane and her sleuthing partner Redvers have been charged with exposing a German spy rumored to be one of their fellow passengers. Posing as husband and wife, they enjoy life onboard the opulent ocean liner, but the Atlantic crossing puts a time limit on their investigation—and increases the the danger since one of them might go overboard if they are exposed. Adding to the intrigue, Jane also stumbles upon a case of a missing husband and a possible case of smuggling. With multiple suspects and multiple crimes, including the murder of one of their fellow operatives, Jane and Redvers are kept busy sleuthing. But it's not all work and no play for them. Posing as husband and wife increases the romance between them, and Jane finds that she just might be able to overcome her doubts about wedlock that were sown by her disastrous first marriage.

DANGER ON THE ATLANTIC's main attraction is the smart, independent Jane Wunderly and her relationship with Redvers, although the plot holds plenty of interest, too, with some nice twists that keep the reader guessing to some extent (although it's likely that the reader will get to the conclusion before Jane and Redvers do). The novel also works well as a stand-alone, but those beginning the series here will definitely know they're coming into things rather mid-act. The setting is described in detail, and the ship itself become somewhat of a character, adding to the atmosphere and plot. Overall, it's great fun to spend time crossing the Atlantic in a bygone era with some witty companions—and it will be equally fun to see what Jane gets up to next.

§ Meredith Frazier, a writer with a background in English literature, lives in Dallas, Texas

Reviewed by Meredith Frazier, March 2022

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