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by Lori Rader-Day
William Morrow, February 2020
400 pages
ISBN: 006293807X

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Alice Fine is the "lucky one" in this story. As a three-year-old child, she was kidnapped for a few hours. But her father, a policeman, soon found her and brought her home. The man who had kidnapped her mysteriously disappeared—or so Alice thought.

Now, at 33, Alice works for her father, who retired from the police force and runs a construction company. She also has a volunteer job, scrolling through The Doe Pages website, a site on which information about "Does" are posted—people who have died and whose identity is unknown, as well as missing people. While going through photos, Alice finds a very familiar face—she's sure he's the man who kidnapped her as a child.

Another woman is also searching for a man. Merrily Cruz, 30, is looking for Rick Kisel, the man who used to live with her mother and herself, a man she hasn't seen since she was a child but who has stayed in touch throughout the years, lately with text messages. Merrily, who just walked away from her job, now earns money through ChatX, talking to lonely men and occasionally posting innocuous photos of herself. When Rick disappears, and the police start asking questions, Merrily questions her mother. But her mother remains tight-lipped about Rick and where he might have gone.

The narrative bounces between the two characters, with their searches intersecting early on in the story. Some of the early twists in this psychological thriller are predictable, but there are many threads in the book—and the resulting ending packs some surprise twists. Readers of cold cases and psychological thrillers should enjoy this latest from Rader-Day.

§ Lourdes Venard is an independent editor who divides her time between New York and Maui.

Reviewed by Lourdes Venard, January 2020

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