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by John DeDakis
Strategic Media Press, August 2019
261 pages
ISBN: 1939521769

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Lark Chadwick, a beautiful and successful journalist, is an up and coming White House correspondent who has had a difficult personal life. Her own history with grief and loss helps her be an excellent choice to interview the First Lady, Rose Gannon, as Rose is dying, as well as to question President Gannon about how he is handling his grief after she dies. However, her sensitivity does not prevent the media from descending on her as a “vulture” who feeds on the grief of others.

Meanwhile, the world is facing a nuclear threat that rivals the Cuban Missile Crisis of an earlier age. As President Gannon meets to solidity US-Chinese friendship, the Soviet leader is using this period of Presidential grief to have Russia launch a deadly deal with Iran and suitcase weapons. Then Lark’s relationship with the President becomes an issue as well. The media is filled with sex scandal and Lark cannot even leave her home without being bombarded by the press.

As one scandal follows closely on the heels of another, the reader may well admire how Lark is able to keep her cool and not fall to pieces. She is a female protagonist written by a male author but that may have little to do with her personal grit in the face of continued attacks. She is confident of her truth in a time like ours when fake news quickly becomes a “fact.” The title refers to this situation, and Lark deals with it directly in her appearance before Congress late in the book.

The author provides much inside information about what it means to be a correspondent assigned to cover the White House and the President, including an insider’s look at flying on Airforce One. Besides referring to our on-going battles between real and fake news as well as the distrust of journalists, this book addresses the #MeToo movement, gender-change issues and women’s right to choose. FAKE is a compelling read and the ending, although it resolves the current situation, leaves us with much to look forward to in the next Lark Chadwick adventure.

§ Anne Corey is a writer, poet, teacher and botanical artist in New York's Hudson Valley.

Reviewed by Anne Corey, August 2019

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