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by Peng Shepherd
William Morrow, June 2018
ISBN: 0062669605

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On one fateful day in local Indian market, a man named Hemu Joshi becomes the first person to lose his shadow. Crowds of people swarm to see the miraculous sight and soon Hemu is the most famous person in the world, some believing his shadowlessness is something to be honored, even worshipped. That is until Hemu begins to forget, as do all others whose shadows disappear. People all over the world begin to inexplicably lose their shadows, and while they gain mysterious powers, they also gradually lose their memories.

As the world descends into chaos, Ory and his wife Max attempt to conceal themselves from the Forgetting by living in an abandoned resort hidden deep in the woods. When Max's shadow vanishes, she runs away in order to save Ory the impending heartache of watching the one person he loves forget who he is. Ory faces insurmountable odds but finds some much-needed support along the way as he searches not only for the love of his life, but also for the answer to one vital question that everyone on earth is trying to answer: Is there a way to end and/or reverse the Forgetting?

Shepherd's post-apocalyptic world is one we've never seen or dreamed of before. Humanity is not endangered by a devastating natural disaster or an oppressive government regime typical of most dystopian novels. Instead, readers are immersed a story in which people lose their memories but gain powerful abilities in exchange for a part of themselves. Shepherd asks her readers: Is there anything worth more than the memories that generate love and kinship among human beings? Wielding prodigious story building that utilizes transcendent magical realism, Peng Shepherd's debuts a novel that lovers of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, philosophy, adventure, and romance, will cherish.

§ Katie is currently pursuing a degree in English Education from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay with the hopes of being a high school English teacher. When she's not working or sleeping, you’ll find her reading obscene amounts or binge-watching New Girl without a trace of shame.

Reviewed by Katie Voss, July 2018

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