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by Douglas Schofield
Minotaur, November 2017
272 pages
ISBN: 1250120551

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Douglas Schofield's international thriller KILLING PACE presents a suspenseful crime story. When Lisa Green wakes up in a ramshackle cabin in the Florida Everglades, she has no clue about who she is or how she has come to be in this place. A slovenly man named Roland Lewis seems to be her fiancée and explains that her amnesia has made her forget their history. Slowly she begins to doubt this is true, especially since he locks her in a "safe room" whenever he leaves. Soon, she begins to recall who she really is and begins the harrowing process of freeing herself and finding out the truth. This truth includes her identity, the fact that powerful forces have tried to have her killed, and the reasons for that attempted murder—that she was investigating the inhumane crime of baby laundering, the black market adoption of stolen children.

This is a tough book to review without giving away too much, since the unknown is important to the intrigue. Lisa Green has more than one name and the book takes us back and forth in time so we see how she got into her perilous situation. She is chased from Florida to Sicily and we learn who she really is. She is a strong female protagonist who can both outfight and out-scheme her adversaries. Schofield provides personal background information about her family that provides a way to understand how she became so committed to justice.

The novel jumps between time periods and continents. Sometimes this can be a bit bewildering, especially as the main character is known by three names. But the action pulls the reader along, and the confusion is soon cleared up. KILLING PACE is a fast, suspenseful read and makes one look forward to further adventures of this protagonist.

§ Anne Corey is a writer, poet, teacher and botanical artist in New York's Hudson Valley.

Reviewed by Anne Corey, December 2017

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