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CYBERSPY (Tom Clancy's Net Force)
by Tom Clancy, Bill McCay, Steve R. Riecznik
Berlkey Publishing Group, November 1999
192 pages
ISBN: 0425171914

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The story begins with a group of Net Force Explorers gathering at a Net Force meeting. They are all informed about a young genius hacker, which is spilling out information onto the web, about secrets of people, and companies. Hardweare, a computer company, created one of the newest technologies for their time, a vest that hooks the user into the Net.

Hardweare had been the target of many companies, and nations, so that they could get the vest technology. The vest is said to be how the hacker was getting the information. With many countries, and companies after its technology, there are countless suspects for the discrediting of Hardweare. One Net Force Explorer gets a job working for Hardweare, and becomes the target of black mail, and espionage. Him and is friend, are dragged in even further when one of their lives are threatened.

I think that this is a great mystery because of the many suspects the book shows you--getting you to try and think of the true suspect before you get to the end of the book. The story weaves in and out of possible suspects, not giving you any hard evidence to find out who's doing what. The story also shows the true life of multi-millionaire geniuses, turn upside down by jealousy, and corruption. So whenever you become an employee of a major corporation, you will know what to expect.


Reviewed by Brandon Age 16, August 2001

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