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by Beth Anderson
Clocktower Books, December 2000
232 pages
ISBN: 0743300688

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True Jensen, 19 years old, is found murdered in her Hyde Park apartment, strangled with her head band. She was a nice quiet young woman who didn't socialize much. She had moved to Chicago six months ago from the small town of Lansberry to start a career as a commercial art trainee. There was no sign of forced entry; no sign of drugs; no fingerprints.

True was lonesome in Chicago, not wanting to have any contact with men after being burned by Brian Zelinsky, her boy friend in Lansberry. True acquired a computer and began to talk on the chat lines. Claire Jensen, True's mother, has difficulty adjusting to True's murder; can't understand why anyone would want to kill her. After the release of True's possessions by the Chicago police, Claire finds a CD which True had sent to her sister only days before her murder which tells of her experiences on the computer chat lines: how she became addicted to pouring out her heart on the chat lines; how she began having cybersex; and now fears that she is being stalked by one of the three on the chat line to whom she revealed her name and address.

This is a very suspenseful book. I put it aside with great reluctance. Interest is kept at a high pitch. The suspense never falters. There is a constant question as to who the murderer is. The characters are well-developed, are real people with human frailities and emotions. It is well-written; very smooth reading....no explicit sex...no gratuitous violence....no profanity.

The author puts forth a strong argument about the dangers of the chat lines and the anonymity of the Internet, warning of the care that anyone venturing into the chat lines should take. I would highly recommend this book, and hope to see more of Beth Anderson in the future.

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, August 2001

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