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by Peter Abresch
Write Way Publishing, January 2001
272 pages
ISBN: 188517392X

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It's been a while since I've read a good cozy and this one was a real treat! Tip a Canoe is the third in the series featuring James P. Dandy, or Jim Dandy as he's known to his friends, and his adventures while doing Elderhostel trips. About a year earlier Jim met Dodee Swisher while attending his first Elderhostel. The two became close and are now hosteling for a third time. This trip they're canoeing on the Santee Dam lakes in South Carolina.

Jim and Dodee meet up with an odd assortment of other elders for a week of hiking, bird watching, canoeing, and murder solving. The week begins with the news that someone drowned on the lake the day before. Though the group is assured that the drowning was an accident, there are those who believe it was murder. There are more dead bodies as the week progresses and more suspicions. One of the hostelers is an avid environmentalist and is convinced the murders have something to do with environmental extremists trying to blow up the dam at the hydroelectric plant. Another hosteler, retired from the FBI, is convinced there's a conspiracy going on and is determined to ferret it out. As hard as Jim and Dodee try to stay out of the way, they find themselves deep in the investigation.

What a great book! The characters are marvelous. By the time I finished reading it I felt I knew Jim and Dodee, and I liked them very much. They're smart and funny and endearing. The story moves along at a good pace with just enough action to keep it going but not so much as to make it unbelievable (these are elders after all). There is a lot of humor in the book and I laughed out loud quite often. I'm anxious to read the previous two books in this series and am hoping there will be more coming in the future.

Reviewed by Jennifer Dittenhofer, August 2001

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