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by Brigitte Aubert
Berkley Prime Crime, April 2001
279 pages
ISBN: 0425179052

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Elise Andrioli has become a quadriplegic, mute and blind after a car bomb goes off while visiting Ireland with her fianc»e. The fianc»e is killed in the attack. Because her family had some wealth she is being kept at home by a woman who has worked for her family for many years.

Elise's mind is still very sharp and active and she is learning to cope often viewing many events in her life with her sardonic sense of humor.

Imagine her horror when, while on a shopping trip a little girl approaches her and whispers in her ear that she has seen "Death from the Woods" and names Death's next victim. Her dismay is tenfold when she hears on the evening news that a serial killer is striking young boys and the name of the latest victim is the name the little girl has whispered in her ear.

Elise is frantic to find a way to convey her secret knowledge and yet has no way to communicate. She waits for the next conversation with the little girl she now knows as Virginie, and struggles to find a way to make her secret known.

Elise has discovered that since she cannot talk people tend to reveal to her their darkest secrets. Is someone among her friends a serial killer? How in the world will she make her knowledge known before the killer strikes again?

Awesome yet eerie in the same sense. A true page-turner. The author makes the reader think about how they would handle being trapped in their own body. The character in spite of all her hardships still had a joy for life and a funny sense of humor about things going on in her world.

Reviewed by Susan Johnson, August 2001

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