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by Sarah Andrews
St. Martin's Press, September 2000
336 pages
ISBN: 0312977921

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An Eye for Gold by Sarah Andrews is the first Em Hansen mystery I've read. I've heard many good things about the series so I began reading it with very high hopes. I wasn't disappointed. The story is very well crafted and the characters are realistic.

Em Hansen, a geologist who is in-between jobs and at a cross-roads in her personal life is being recruited by the FBI. She is fascinated with forensic investigation and is quite good at it; however, she is also drawn to marrying her boyfriend, Ray, and settling down. Because of Ray's strict Mormon beliefs, Em doesn't feel she can be a good FBI investigator and also a good Mormon, wife so she heads off into the open spaces of Nevada to think things through.

While sorting out her personal feelings she is drawn into an FBI investigation of fraud at a gold mine in Nevada. The case snowballs into a murder and missing person investigation with Em right in the middle. There is perhaps a bit more detail about gold mining than I care to know, but other than that, I found the story to be excellent. This is not a book that demands you must finish it in one sitting; it's a book that's meant to be savored, so don't rush. Read it slowly and enjoy. I highly recommend An Eye for Gold and look forward to back-tracking to read the previous five in the series.

Reviewed by Jennifer Dittenhofer, August 2001

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