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by Lincoln Child
Doubleday , May 2015
292 pages
ISBN: 0385531400

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Dr. Jeremy Logan, an enigmalogist (studying unexplained phenomena), is called to investigate at Lux, an upscale think tank located on a former estate in Newport. Logan has his own history with Lux from some years past, but nonetheless agrees to return to try and discern why a seemingly stable researcher has suddenly turned mad, attacking his assistant and ultimately taking his own life.

Once Logan begins looking into matters at the think tank, it turns out that there have been several people in the recent past who have been acting strangely for no obvious reason. Logan, too, begins to feel unsettled. Once he begins taking apart the life of the dead researcher piece by piece, Logan discovers that the man was charged with responsibility not only for his own research but also with overseeing the remodelling of an old section of the estate.

Located within that wing of the think tank, Logan ultimately discovers a hidden room, with even more secrets to uncover. However, someone (or a group of someones) doesn't approve of his investigation and not only Logan's life, but those of people involved in his inquiries begin coming into danger.

As the bodies pile up, the investigation becomes more intense, and a coastal hurricane accompanies the dramatic finale as the mystery is solved. What drove the scientist (and others) to act in such an unusual fashion is an interesting twist to this mystery novel, and it's an easy read from Lincoln Child.

While it's not the most unusual or compelling mystery out there, there's plenty of solid writing and creative plotting to keep readers going. The book does not break new ground in the genre, but there is enough to like to keep readers engaged until the end.

Christine Zibas is a freelance writer and former director of publications for a Chicago nonprofit.

Reviewed by Christine Zibas, May 2015

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