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by Beverly Connor
New American Library, December 2003
400 pages
ISBN: 0451411196

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Forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon has accepted a job as director of a natural history museum in Georgia. She figures it will be a relief to head the River Trail museum, after having spent several traumatic years in South America trying to help overthrow one of the repressive regimes there. She figures that identifying the bones of long-extinct creatures will be more restful than trying to find all the victims of a modern despot.

Of course, this is tempting fate, just like the teenager in a horror movie who says "I'm just going to the basement for a minute." Diane's ex-lover, Atlanta Detective Frank Duncan brings her a bone to identify. It is a human bone, and Diane is soon practicing the profession she thought she had left behind.

I really liked this book. Besides describing the internal workings of the museum and the machinations of its board of directors, Connor has created a strong professional woman, and, in this first in her new series, relates the complete back story, so we know her vulnerabilities as well. After reading this book, I reserved the first book in Connor's Lindsay Chamberlain series from the Boston Public Library.

If you like good solid forensic work, not too gory, interesting protagonists and a well-told story, I would suggest you try ONE GRAVE TOO MANY.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, January 2004

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