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by Michelle Spring
Fawcett, February 2000
310 pages
ISBN: 0345424948

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Michelle Spring is an author who loves to read mystery novels and knows what she likes. Her novels are a joy to read due to its intelligent, well-structured plots and the popularity of the series heroine. Laura Principal is a former Cambridge academic who decided to leave the world of academia in order to become a private investigator. She makes no apologies for it and enjoys her new career path. Her pleasure is highly contagious to her readers, which is not something you see every day. Nights in White Satin is perhaps one of Michelle Springís best novels. If you do not think it is, that is your loss.

The fourth book in the series involves the disappearance of Katie Arkwright, a college student gone missing during a posh, end-of-semester party. She was seen there having the time of her life until something happened and she vanished. Laura was at the party working security and did not witness anything out of the ordinary. There were a lot of students at the May Ball and Laura was busy during the event. When news of Katieís disappearance reaches university officials, they hire Ms. Principal to try and find her. The school has its own selfish reasons for finding Ms Arkwright and time is running out. When the man who hired the investigator winds up murdered, the stakes are lifted and finding Katie takes top priority. When all is said and done, a Pandoraís box will be opened and nothing will ever be the same again.

If you have not yet tried a Michelle Spring novel before, Nights in White Satin is your best bet. It is a smartly written novel with a lot of literary references and irony that does not insult the reader. The story is far from predictable and a treat from beginning to end. The reader is left with no clue as to what happened to Ms. Arkwright until the last possible moment. Throughout the course of the investigation, Laura uncovers a lot and learns the life of Katie Arkwright without having ever met the girl. If she ever gets the chance, readers will have to find out on their own. It is a tragic story that will leave you thinking and stuns you with its powerful ending. The real tragedy is that there are people who have yet to read a Michelle Spring novel. What is your excuse?

This review is based on the UK edition from Orion

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, February 2003

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