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by Natasha Cooper
Minotaur, August 2002
306 pages
ISBN: 0312300611

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When a young boy is run over outside her flat, Trish Maguire accompanies the victim and the distraught driver to the hospital. Enquiring about the boy's condition, Trish is told that he had her name and address sewn into the seam of his fleece. ňAnd he looks just like you?'

For Trish trying to come to terms with some emotional problems, coping with a major commercial case at work, where she is acting as junior to her head of chambers , this is one problem too many.

Struggling to accept that this boy must be in someway related to her, Trish starts to investigate the years between her father leaving her mother when she was a child, and coming back into her life. Here she meets strong resistance from her father to discuss previous relationships, but as the child, it seems will only talk to her, she feels compelled to establish if he is related to her. This decision puts her onto a dangerous path as her investigations lead her closer to the boy's mother. As she grapples with the family situation her loyalties are also tested at work where she is confronted with a dilemma that may prejudice her client's position and indeed her own.

In this the fourth book in the series Trish is beset by both personal and moral quandaries, and Natasha Cooper does a skilful job in providing an absorbing mystery, whilst exploring the complexities of both personal and working relationships. Although, dealing with serious issues, there were flashes of humour in the book, providing an excellent balance that enhances the readers enjoyment.


The earlier books in the series are Creeping Ivy, Fault Lines and Prey to All.


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Reviewed by Lizzie Hayes, October 2002

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